Would You Call the Police on Your Own Kids? These Parents Did


Would you turn to the police to help parent your child?

When a parent disciplines a child, it's usually done at home, but what happens when the parents feels their punishment isn't enough and they call police for backup? Law enforcement says it's a lot more common than you'd think.

On Anderson's "Should You Call the Cops on Your Kids?" show, guests discuss how their kids pushed the boundaries so far, their parents felt it necessary to call police to regain control.

But does calling the cops on your own kids give the message to your kids that you're not in control? Are parents handing their parenting duties over to the police?

Elley, whose mom called the police on her, tells Anderson that she looked at her mom like a monster when she made the call, but today in retrospect, she doesn't think her mom could have done anything else that would have stopped her from acting out.

Parents turning over parenting to police -- is this trend really about unruly kids or parents who cannot cope? Are these techniques helping the child? Share your opinion...

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Should You Call the Cops on Your Kids?


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