Chris Hansen's Tips for Avoiding Online Scams

"Dateline" NBC correspondent Chris Hansen revealed how to avoid being scammed online on "Anderson LIve."

Hansen did some investigating after a couple was scammed by a man they hired via to put kitchen cabinets in their home. They paid him $5,000 up front because they said they were so impressed by his workmanship. Little did they know he would disappear without finishing the job.

Chris advises how to avoid this unfortunate scenario. Here are his top three tips.

1. Is the Business Real?

Chris recommends going to the person's place of business, if they have one. He adds, "See if they have a showroom."

2. Get References

Don't be afraid to ask this potential hire if they have references.

3. Google It

Chris says when in doubt, always turn to Google and "if there is a scam alert you will most likely find it."

He says to put in the person's name, email, company name into Google to see what you can find.


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