Dear Shine moms: Anderson Cooper wants to hear from you!

Photo: Anderson CooperPhoto: Anderson Even if you don't have kids, juggling a day's worth of work, relationships, and household and financial responsibilities can be a struggle.
But when you add in tiny, hungry, toddling, questioning, attention-needing humans, the week can crumble into chaos in no time. So how do you super moms out there manage it all?

In an upcoming episode of his new daytime talk show (aptly titled "Anderson") Anderson Cooper will be addressing the issues modern moms face with trying to balance it all. And, the news anchor wants to hear from you:

Are you a super mom who's figured out at least a few good short cuts, secrets, or tips for balancing motherhood, your relationship, and your career? If so... bust out your flip cams, your phone cam, or the recorder on your home's PC, tape yourself being awesome, send it in to Anderson Cooper and you could be featured on his new show!

Just make sure to share and/or demonstrate your exclusive tips and tricks on the follow

  • Secret mom advice/tips for getting through meals, bedtime, the school year, really, the week!
  • Mom inventions (show Anderson your invention)
  • How you as a working mom deal with stress and find "me" time
On your video, make sure to say "Hello Anderson" followed by your first name and location, and in a complete sentence deliver your answer on video.

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