Do You Have a Favorite Child? Take the Quiz

Do parents play favorites? On Tuesday's show, Anderson spends the hour discussing the new findings revealed in a recent TIME magazine article, which suggest that parents have a favorite child. Anderson discusses the science of favoritism in detail with the author of the article, and asks why a parent may like one child over another.

Do you play favorites with your children? Here are five questions to ask yourself:

5 Questions Parents Can Ask to Find Out If They Are Playing Favorites:

1) Do you have more photos of one child than the others?

2) Are you more involved with one child's extra-curricular activities?

3) Did you spend the same amount of money on each child's birthday or Christmas gifts?

4) Do you contribute the same to each child's college funds?

5) Do you find one child much easier to be around than the others?

What did your answers say about you? To find out and get expert advice, tune in Tuesday to "Anderson."

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