Dr. Michelle Callahan's Signs Your Spouse Might Be Cheating

Psychologist Dr. Michelle Callahan revealed some common indicators that might mean your spouse or partner is being unfaithful.


1. Time

Not being able to account for where they are for long periods of time.

2. Work Excuses

Working longer hours or traveling more when there's no promotion or job change.

3. Being Unreachable

Does your phone calls constantly go to voicemail? This could be a red flag.

4. Sex-Life

Sex-life noticeably changes - they don't want to be intimate.

5. Cell Phone and Email

Being overly protective of their cell phone or email. Do they have a new password protection or are deleting their online history?

6. Picking Fights

Picking fights: are they making a big deal out of nothing because they want to storm out of the house? If someone wants to leave, a fight is an easy way to leave the house.

7. Shower

Returning home and hopping in the shower immediately can be a red flag if this isn't what they normally do.

8. Change in Appearance

A dramatic change in their appearance or grooming. If they look like they are dressed up for a date, that could also be a red flag. 8. Change in Appearance

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