Heidi Klum Reveals Best Beauty Advice

"Is there a particular beauty secret you can pass on to people?" Anderson asks Heidi during his "Look Your Best for Less with Heidi Klum" episode.

"I think to just be healthy, living a healthy lifestyle. I think there are great products out there that you can put on your face, but I really think that it's exercising, and eating really well," says Heidi.

"No one wants to hear that," says Anderson.

"But it's the truth!" asserts Heidi.

It's not easy making healthy choices. Take a look at what Heidi suggests for looking and feeling your best...

Money-Saving Beauty Tips from Heidi Klum's Glam Squad:

1) Make Homemade Exfoliants
One of Heidi's Makeup Experts, Linda Hay, says it's easy to make at-home body exfoliant by combining raw sugar and water, which will gently dissolve to create a great exfoliant. Linda says this can save you up to $100, and recommends you exfoliate your entire body about once each week.

2) Style Your Hair at Home
Heidi Klum's Hair Expert, Eric Gabriel, says that there's no need to go to a salon if you learn to style your hair at home. In this video, he shows us how to style your hair like he styles Heidi's, with a variety of loose curls.

3) Shop Drugstores for Often-Used Makeup
"Glam Squad" team member Petra says, for the staple items in your makeup bag -- lip gloss, mascara, etc. -- don't feel like it's necessary to purchase designer brands. If you use the product often, that means it will be used up quickly, and that is a lot of money spent in a short amount of time. Instead, start buying your staple makeup products at drug stores to save money.

4) Buy Multiple-Use Beauty Products
Rather than dropping a lot of money on three separate beauty products -- moisturizer, SPF lotion and foundation -- find products like the one featured on the show, which serves the purposes of all three. You can save a lot of money by finding products that effectively function for a variety of purposes. This tip comes from Heidi's Fashion Expert Petra Flannery.

5) Use Spoons for Under-Eye Bags
Rather than dropping a lot of money on under-eye treatments, Petra suggests -- just keep two teaspoons in your refrigerator at all times. If you see bags beginning to form under your eyes, hold the cold spoons to your eyes until their coldness fades away.


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