Heidi Klum's 'Look for Less' Money-Saving Tips

Heidi Klum's 'Look for Less' Money-Saving Tips

Heidi Klum visited Anderson with perfume, makeovers and money-saving tips. As a fashion icon and fashion industry staple, Heidi knows a thing or two about looking good and dressing well -- even for those on a budget.

Check out these money-saving fashion tips from Heidi and her "glam squad."

Shop Sample Sales
Heidi says sample sales offer designer clothing at a discounted price, sometimes for as much as 70% off. If you have designer taste but a tight budget, sample sales can help you snag the season's trends at a price you can afford.

Shop Cheaper for Trends
While it makes sense to drop money on quality pieces of classic clothing, for the trendier, seasonal items, one of Heidi's Fashion Experts, Petra Flannery, says to buy inexpensive versions of the clothes you love. She recommends shopping at H&M, Forever 21 and Target.

Get Clothes Tailored
Sometimes clothes in unpopular sizes will be discounted -- you may really love the item of clothing, but it's a tad too big here or a bit too long there. Instead of skipping the item, Heidi's Fashion Expert Petra Flannery says buy it and visit your local dry cleaner to get it tailored. It will look like a sleek, custom-made piece.

Hide Seams with Belts
Some stores do a great job at replicating designer looks, but one sure-fire way to spot an inexpensive piece of clothing is by spotting obvious hemlines. Heidi says that it's easy to hide obvious hemlines around the waist or bust by adding a simple belt or sash to your outfit.

Shop Your Closet
Most people already own more trendy clothes than they realize, Heidi says. Shop your own closet and rediscover the things you love or your old items that have come back into style. Heidi says it is crucial to frequently clean out your closet. Keeping your closet organized is your best bet to ensure that you'll actually wear the clothes you own.

Mix and Match Your Old Tastes with Your New

If you used to really be into the punk scene but now your style is more "girly," try mixing and matching your old pieces of clothing with your new. A sparkly, feminine skirt will work best paired with a simple, "punky" top. Mix and match different styles to see how they well they work together.

Implement Fake Furs
Fur is in this winter, but instead of dropping a lot of money on an expensive new winter coat, dress up your old coat with some new accessories. Heidi recommends a faux-fur collar, which you can easily attach to a coat you already own.

Jazz Up Outfits with Accessories
If you're opting for inexpensive fashion pieces, sometimes your pieces of clothing will be a bit simpler than a designer piece. Heidi says you can easily jazz up these pieces by simply adding some accessories; bracelets, necklaces, etc., that you already have.

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