Do You Use Household Items in Unconventional Ways to Save Money?

Do you use organic brown sugar instead of a body scrub? Have you ever squeezed toothpaste to remove yellow stains on your nails? Or used dryer sheets as a hair conditioner substitute?

On a recent episode of "Anderson," money coach Clark Howard shared easy to implement, money-saving tips that stretch the dollar. As a follow-up, the Anderson team wants to know: what fun and quirky ways do you save money?

On Facebook, many viewers confessed to reusing plastic baggies for many fun purpose, and even ironing wrapping paper to reuse for the holidays.

Share your smart money-saving tips below, and check out a list of Clark Howard's tips from the show:

1. Don't Use a Shopping Cart
"When you have a cart," money coach Clark Howard says, "the problem is you, on impulse, put things in there." Anytime you're shopping at a place with a "concrete floor," Clark suggests you walk the floor first, so as not to make impulse purchases based on your oversized cart.

2. Take Your Razor Out of the Shower
Razor blades only degrade from moisture, not from actually shaving. By removing your razor blade from the shower, Clark says your razor can last about a year.

3. Look for the Right Clearance Numbers
Generally, you are not getting a great deal with items that end in $.99. At Costco, the best deal is on items that end with the number 7. At Sam's Club, anything that ends in a penny has been marked down, even if the product is not being promoted as a clearance item.

4. Buy Private Labels
While the familiarity of brand names may be tempting, private labels - or "off brand" labels - are generally a much better deal, especially with items such as diapers, paper towels and trash bags. Clark Howard says you save about 30% on average when buying off-brand.

5. Go to Seasonal Aisles
Season aisles, generally in the middle of the store, toward the back, will carry products that are no longer in their prime purchasing season, and thus heavily marked down. Christmas items, for example, go up in August, and most stores start marking down Christmas items on December

What clever or innovative ways do you save money at home? Share in comments below and your name may be included on an upcoming "Anderson" episode.

Anderson's "Stop Spending, Start Saving!" show airs on Monday, November 14. Find out when it's on!


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