Your Husband Wants to Add a Wife -- Would You Accept?


If your husband said he wanted to bring another woman into your family, what would you think? Would you welcome a second wife with open arms?

On the "Anderson", Jackie told Anderson she thinks having a sister wife is beneficial to the women. Do you agree?

Susan Ray Schmidt (who escaped a polygamous relationship) thinks Charles and Jackie are living in a "fantasy world" with regard to their decision to bring a second wife. What do you think of their decision? Would adding a second wife be a good idea for their five children?

After watching today's show which talked about new dating websites that cater to people who want to start polygamous relationships, do you think accepting a sister wife is beneficial?

The conversation continues in the studio with Charles and Jackie, a couple (with five children) looking to add a second wife to their existing family, and Rebecca, who has begun to develop a relationship with the couple through a dating website. Also joining is Susan Ray Schmidt, who became a sixth wife to a man when she was 15 years old, and later escaped with her children.

Take a look at what you didn't see on television...

Tell Anderson your thoughts about today's show... in the comments below.

Community Question: Would you ever take or become a sister wife? Are there benefits? Write your comments below and tweet using #Anderson, #SisterWife.

Backstage with Charlie, Jackie and Rebecca

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