Kristin Davis on Adopting Her Daughter


Just like her character Charlotte in "Sex in the City," Kristin Davis has recently adopted a daughter, whom she named Gemma Rose, and she says Anderson played a role in the adoption process.

After watching a segment Anderson did in Haiti with renowned international adoption doctor Jane Aronson, Kristin knew she had to speak with Dr. Aronson herself, so she and Dr. Aronson worked together to help Kristin adopt domestically.

"I didn't think anyone would choose me, you know, I'm single, and I thought people wanted the white picket fence domestically," Kristin says. "And [Dr. Aronson] said, 'You know, you really should.'"

Even though Gemma Rose is less than a year old, fans are already curious about whether Kristin plans to adopt a second child.

"I had never thought about it because I was so worried about the first," Kristin says. "Once she came, I was like, 'Hey, I can do this, this is okay.'"
Kristin says that before she considers adopting a second child, she wants to focus on Gemma to ensure that she is being a great mother to her, especially because she is a single mom.

Hear more from Kristin about a possible second child in the video below.

"I have a lot of logical fears; that I won't spend enough time with her because I work, and things like that," Kristin says.

But Kristin also has a looming "illogical" fear that she says appears regularly in her nightmares, wherein her daughter, Gemma Rose, falls asleep with her in bed and gets tangled up or crushed by the blankets.

Hear about how Kristin handles these fears...

Given that Kristin Davis is a new, single mom to her first child, Anderson wonders if motherhood is different from what Kristin thought it might be.

"It's easier in a weird way. I adjusted quicker than I thought I would," Kristin says. "You do have this gut feeling about what's right and wrong, I didn't know if I would have thatŠ but you kind of tune into your baby, and you bond."

Kristin talks about the crucial support she receives from her friends, mom and baby nurse, and about her adjustment as a mother, and how she has learned to trust caregivers with her child when she's away.

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