Man Stands by Wife Who Lied About Having Terminal Cancer

Michael O'Connell, husband of Jessica Vega, appears on "Anderson," saying he was shocked when Vega first informed him she had cancer. O'Connell recalls, "At first I was in denial. How can someone so full of life have six to eight months to live?"

Vega, who continued to lie about her illness, was generously offered almost everything in her wedding for free -- from business owners in her community -- including her gown, flowers, honeymoon plane tickets and even a wig for her big day, which totaled more than $13,000. The touching story made headlines, but after O'Connell discovered Vega had forged the doctor's letter stating she was dying of cancer, O'Connell called the local paper and revealed what happened. He says, "I brought it to everyone's attention because everybody needed to know because it was a terrible lie."

Jessica is now awaiting sentencing after she was arrested in April on one count of a scheme to defraud, five counts of grand larceny and one count of criminal possession of a forged instrument.

O'Connell believes his wife is sorry for what she did. "She looked me in the face and said, 'I am never lying to anybody again, I am never hurting anybody again.'"

Michael explains he is sticking by his wife because she admitted to the lie and acknowledges she needs to get help.


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