Model Scams Exposed on 'Anderson'

Anderson exposes the shady side of the modeling industry and how easily people can are scammed into paying lots of money in hopes of making it big.

See what happened after the "Anderson" team set up hidden cameras at a fictitious casting call for young models in Midtown Manhattan.

Anderson welcomes a group of aspiring young models who allege that they were scammed by a man named Aristeo Tengco.

Sandra, a mom who has been living at the Oakwood Apartments in Burbank, Calif. for the last seven years with her 14-year-old daughter, Megan, admits she spent about $160,000 trying to launch Megan's career.

When Anderson tells Sandra he doesn't believe she is parenting, an emotional Megan, who changed her name to Presley Cash, says, "I really love my mom and my dad for letting me do my dream, and I'm so thankful for them, or I wouldn't be doing this."

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