Mom Admits to Favoring One Child

Jessica Katz is a mother of two young girls -- and she admits she plays favorites. Jessica says her first daughter is her favorite because everything was first and new with her.

Can you relate to Jessica's story?

Do parents play favorites? Anderson spends the hour discussing the new findings revealed in a recent TIME magazine article, which suggest that parents have a favorite child. Anderson discusses in detail the science of favoritism with the author of the article, and asks why a parent may like one child over another.

Anderson sparks a debate with mothers who openly admit they play favorites with their children, and one that is vehemently opposed to these findings.

Do you have a favorite?

As seen on "Anderson today, Yahoo Shine member JennyK says, "honestly, my 'favorite' is whoever is best behaved child at the moment. It changed frequently!"

Laura Bennett, designer, author, and mother of six, says her children compete for a place on her favorite list.

"Truman has always been my favorite, yes, and most of the kids know that," says Bennett, whose book "Didn't I Feed You Yesterday," is a modern take on motherhood.

Surprised to hear this, Anderson asks, "You're kidding, right?"

"All humor is funny because it's based in truth, right?" says Bennett. Take a look at this moment from the studio...

On Tuesday's show, Anderson sits down with famous siblings Angela and Vanessa Simmons, who discuss how favoritism has affected them.

Vanessa Simmons tells Anderson her mom once said that daughter Angela is her favorite.

Which Simmons daughter is mom Justine's favorite? Angela and Vanessa have a difference of opinion...

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