Mom Puts 7-Year-Old Daughter on Strict Diet

Dara-Lynn Weiss explained why she decided to put her overweight 7-year-old daughter on a strict diet, and said she did it because of health-related reasons: her child has high blood pressure. Dara-Lynn said she was approached by Vogue magazine to write an article about it, and even authored a book documenting her experience, "The Heavy."

Dara-Lynn's decision to put her young child on a diet was certainly controversial among our "Anderson Live" audience members and social media fans, with many questioning whether the mom did for her own selfish reasons, or after consideration of her child's best interests. Weiss revealed that she was also an overweight child, and struggled with her weight for many years.

Co-host Kimora Lee Simmons also commented on the situation, saying Dara-Lynn's move to put her story on the glossy pages of Vogue seemed contradictory, since high fashion magazines are covered with rail-thin supermodels.

Other audience members applauded the mom for bravely putting her story out there, and for instilling smart and healthy habits in her daughter at such a young age.

Do you think this mom did the right thing?


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