NYU Staffers Save 20 Babies During Hurricane Sandy; Meet One of the Hero Nurses

NYU Langone Medical Center nurse Margot Condon appeared on "Anderson Live" to talk about the scary situation at the hospital during Hurricane Sandy.

Condon, an ICU nurse, walked newborn babies down the stairs along with fellow doctors and nurses. Four of these babies relied on respirators to breathe, and with no power to run the respirators, each baby was carried down nine flights of stairs while Condon manually squeezed a bag to deliver air to the babies' tiny lungs.

The superstorm caused a power outage, which shut off the lights, respirators, machines and elevators in the hospital. The heroic staff of 1,000 members slowly evacuated the 20 babies and other patients down the stairs.

The hospital, which usually treats about 800 patients, discharged hundreds over the weekend in anticipation of the impending storm.

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