Organ Donation Directive: A Post from Anderson Team Member Randi

Randi and her mom, Gwen
On a recent show, we heard amazing stories of people who say Facebook saved their lives. From our own offices, we have an important story that we hope our social media fans, followers and viewers will take the time to read and share.

Randi, our Script Production Associate, is asking for your help....

Friends, Acquaintances, Everyone -

This is *not* a standard Facebook update. It's actually the most important message I'll ever write in my life.

So I beg you to keep reading -- because my mom's life literally depends on it.

During a routine test last week, my mom, Gwen Silver, found out that two tumors have suddenly sprung up on her liver. Surgery can't save her; neither can chemotherapy. Only a transplant can give my mom the life we so desperately need her to live.

The really bad news is that we have very little time: my mom needs that transplant within the next three months, the doctors tell us. She's on the waiting list for a liver from a deceased person, but as everyone knows, that's far from a guarantee that she'll get one. We need absolutely every chance we can get -- and that's why I want to tell you about something called a directed liver donation.

In a directed liver donation, a potential donor's family says that they'd like their loved one's liver to go to a particular individual. Here's how it works. God forbid that one of your family members or friends is in a terrible accident, and the doctor says that he or she is brain dead. At that point, a coordinator from the organ procurement organization will visit you in the hospital and ask if your loved one was willing to offer an organ for donation. And that's when you could say, "Yes, our loved one can offer their liver for donation -- and we'd like it to be given to Gwen Silver at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City."

And that's it. That's all it could take to save the life of the woman is everything to me, and to so many others whose lives she has touched through the years.

I know how grim and tough it sounds. But if you or anyone in your community can connect my mom with a potential directed liver donation, please keep this in mind... and if you can pass along this message to every single person you know...and then they can pass it along to every single person they know... through Facebook, through Twitter, through emails and phone calls and everything in between... then somewhere along the chain, I know in my heart that we WILL find my mom a liver.

You can contact me and my family anytime at

Thanks so much for all your support ♥



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