Outrageous Ways to Lose Weight

For many dieters, one of the biggest obstacles is overcoming the hard-hitting cravings for their favorite foods. Paul McKenna, a professional hypnotist, believes that anyone can overcome these cravings in as few as two minutes with a few psychological and hypnotism-inspired thought processes.

"You've got a compulsion, but you've also got repulsion," Paul says. "What I'm going to do is I'm going to ask you to mix the two things at the same time and one's going to cancel out the other.

To help "Anderson" guest Paula overcome her cravings for ice cream, Paul asks her to envision herself eating ice cream mashed up with Brussels sprouts, a food that is repulsive to her.

Does the visualization help Paula? Take a look...

Watch more with Paul McKenna on "Anderson" Monday, April 9.

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