Recommended Reads for Raising Happy & Healthy Daughters

What books are you kids reading?

Peggy Orenstein, author of "Cinderella Ate My Daughter," joined Anderson to discuss the evolving landscape of self-image for girls, and how American society has affected the way young women view themselves.

In a culture that sometimes prioritizes sexuality and beauty over all else, Peggy has suggestions for parents on how to raise a healthy, happy and balanced daughter. For Peggy, books are a huge resource for achieving this balance.

Scroll down to browse Peggy's recommended reading for daughters everywhere, to help them combat conflicting messages their surroundings may convey.

1. Horace, Morris but Mostly Delores

By James Howe
March 2003

2. My First Little House Books
By Laura Ingalls Wilder
March 1998

3. McElderry Book of Greek Myths
By Eric A. Kimmel
February 2008

4. The Princess Knight
By Cornelia Funke
March 2004

5. Pirate Girl
By Cornelia Funke
June 2005

6. Rapunzel
By Paul O. Zelinsky
October 2002

7. The Serpent Slayer
By Katrin Tchana
September 2000

8. The Lady of Ten Thousand Names
By Burleigh Muten
August 2001

9. I'm in Charge of Celebrations
By Byrd Baylor
October 1995

10. The Snow Queen
By Naomi Lewis
October 2008

11. Princess Furball
By Charlotte Huck
March 1994

12. The Rough Faced Girl
By Rafe Martin
April 1998

13. The Wild Swans
By Amy Ehrlich
November 2008

14. Sitka Rose
By Shelley Gill
January 2005

15. Swamp Angel
By Anne Isaacs
January 2000

16. Ruby the Copycat
By Peggy Rathmann
August 1993

17. Katie Meets the Impressionists
By James Mayhew
May 2007

18. Little Red Riding Hood
By James Marshall
March 1993

19. Paper Bag Princess
By Robert N. Munsch
February 1992

20. Rumpelstiltskin
By Paul O. Zelinsky
September 1996

21. Hansel and Gretel
By Rika Lesser
February 1999

22. The Glass Mountain
By Diane Wolkstein
June 1999

23. The Magic School Bus
By Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen
Series Publication Varies

24. The Seven Chinese Sisters
By Kathy Tucker
January 2003

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