The Rudest Behaviors Ever! Anderson Investigates.


"Anderson" and Yahoo Shine teamed up to ask our online audiences the rudest behavior they continually encounter. Yahoo Shine Facebook friends were quick to respond with passionate rude rants.

Shannon P. said on Facebook, "Being MOWED down at clothing rack by a rude/entitled shopper who has abs NO concept of personal space!" Amanda S. posted, "When you're in line at the store and the person is so close to you that you can feel him breathin on your neck!!"

While responses varied, one of the top rants was rude cell phone behavior.

In a poll asking, "What rude behavior bothers you most?" 56% of respondents said parents who do not supervise their children are most annoying. Ten percent said rude waiters, 8% said pet owners who do not clean up after their dogs and 7% said tardiness.

One of the top rude behaviors came in at 19% -- people who talk too loudly on their cell phones.

Anderson Cooper says his number on pet peeve is rudeness. Arrogant people being rude to other people, cutting in line, talking loudly on their cell phones and being rude to waiters, makes him very angry.

As part of Tuesday's episode, "Anderson Investigates Rudeness," we decided to do a series of hidden camera investigations to see how people react when someone is being rude to then. We hired an actor to be rude all day and the results were amazing.

Would you approach someone being rude in public? Surprisingly, not many people did...

Amy Alkon, syndicated advice columnist and author of "I See Rude People," says that "when someone is on a cell phone in a public place, they are hijacking your thoughts, they're stealing your time and your peace of mind."

Anderson agreed, saying, "That's the thing that annoys me is that they are stealing my time, and my brainpower is focused on them -- when it should be focused on the inane things that I think about through the day or whatever I want to think about."

Do you silently sit there and fume while someone is rude? Amy says it amplifies things. "You're eating you that way and it can have very negative effects on your health. So it's really important to not do that, to not brew. But to say something before you brew so much that you explode."

Amy suggests that if you absolutely have to get on your cell phone in a public place, a person must take their conversation outside, or whisper, with hand over mouth.

Where do you encounter the rudest people? On Yahoo Shine, 32% said they encounter the most rudeness at retail store. Tying for the second rudest places were grocery stores and airport/airplanes. Rounding out the list was 14% at restaurants/coffee shops and 4% at the gym.

Have you experienced a rude waiter?

Rule number one: If you are experiencing bad restaurant service, never mess with a waiter until you've gotten your food, says former waiter and best-selling author Steve Dublanica "Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip--Confessions of a Cynical Waiter (P.S.)"

Even though you're angry, Steve says to never deal with the waiter -- deal with the manager.

"If you have encountered rude service, says Steve, "vote with your feet... don't go back there."

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