The Seinfelds to Their Kids: "Weird Is Good"

For the first time ever, Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld appear on stage together on a television show. On Friday's episode of "Anderson," the Seinfelds discuss their family, Jerry's disdain for reality TV, Twitter and more.

On the show, Anderson asks Jessica if it's exhausting living with a comedian. She says, "No, he's actually quiet at home," telling Jerry, "You're funny at the right times, sometimes you're funny at wrong times but that's appropriate too." She then told Anderson, "He's a regular person."

Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld have three kids together, sons Shepherd Kellen, 6, and Julian Kal, 8, and daughter Sascha, 10.

"I think it's fun to be funny and I push it on the kids, too" says Jerry Seinfeld on Friday's episode of "Anderson." Jerry says he tells his children, "Don't be embarrassed. When you're acting silly, it feels weird, but this is what makes life more fun."

Jessica Seinfeld says, "Weird is good," and they encourage their children to appreciate all different types of people.

Do you encourage your children to be funny? Do you teach your children to accept unique people?


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