Top 10 Expert Beauty Buys -- Each Under $20

As a special blogger for "Anderson Live" lifestyle expert and news anchor/reporter Lucy Segal shares her tips and favorite beauty tips that don't break the bank, but are her must-haves for protecting and moisturizing your face, hands, lips and the rest of your body. Take a look at her "LuStyle"...

1. Facial Cleanser (Sarah Swanson Skin Care, Dr. Bobby's SkinShine Bright and Natural Cleanser)

Sarah Swanson Skin Care is proud to launch Dr. Bobby's SkinShine Line.

This new, premiere brand is being offered for the first time publicly, here on, via It includes his amazing SkinShine Bright and Natural Face Cleanser and the spectacular Full Moon Facial Moisturizer that works from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your neck. These brand new products are coming to you specially priced via my website - for the chance to get them at $12 and $18 respectively.

For nearly the past year, I've been successfully using them on my extremely sensitive skin. It is sensitive due to my rosacea, some underlying health issues and medications. Since it agrees with my skin, I'm betting it will be like butter on a warm roll for yours - just delicious with amazing results!

Dr. Bobby's SkinShine Bright and Natural Cleanser
Retail Price: $24
Discounted Price: $12
Deal code: Lucy50
Discount: 50 % off

2. Moisturizer (Sarah Swanson Skin Care)

As the working mom of three, my time is super limited and SkinShine allows me to quickly and effectively keep my skin healthy: clean, nourished and best of all youthful! I'm so excited for you to try it-particularly now, while they are offering special pricing as part of its launch. The SkinShine Full Moon Moisturizer is especially amazing because it covers all, so you don't have to purchase a separate eye cream-love that! Ultimately, some proceeds will be donated, down the road, to the American Academy of Dermatology. Once this is up and running, Dr. Bobby wants to give back, and has a personal consideration for dermatological diseases - in fact, my son suffers from one. SkinShine cleanser and moisturizer are available through Sarah Swanson Skincare, who is exclusively carrying this line.

Sarah Swanson Skincare is a 5th Ave Manhattan cosmetic, NYC cosmetics based skin care clinic offering the latest products, and FDA approved skin treatment technologies including Manhattan laser hair removal in NYC, Facials, Laser Treatments, eMatrix, Vela Shape, Chemical Peels, Body Contouring, Cosmetics and Expert Esthetician advice.

Dr. Bobby's SkinShine Full Moon Moisturizer
Retail Price: $36
Discounted Price: $18
Deal Code: Lucy50
Discount: 50% off

3. Tinted Lip Moisturizer (J.R. Watkins, Scarlet Sunset Lip Tint and Other Shades)

Plumping that pout and keeping it moist is top on my list because I like to say, "Look at my lips, not my hips!" With J.R. Watkins Tinted Lip Moisturizer you get a lipstick, gloss and balm all in one. Plus, it's an all-natural treatment to keep those lips soft, supple and oh so kissable. The all natural ingredients include vitamin E, shea butter, olive oil and even peppermint oil for a fresh taste and smell! Together they work as a treatment that sinks into your lips instead of just sitting on top. They come in everything from clear to an amazing array of colors. And the natural part is so important because we do ingest what is on our lips: as we speak, eat and drink. This company has been around for over 140 years and has been "green" from the beginning - truly ahead of its time. They've also been featured in countless magazines.

As America's original natural apothecary manufacturer, J.R. Watkins Natural Products uses only the finest natural ingredients in its diverse line of personal care items.

J.R. Watkins Tinted Lip Moisturizer
Price: $4.99
No Discount
To Purchase:

4. SPF Travel Spray (Shady Day, Inc., Shady Day Travel Spray SPF 30)

Next up is protecting our skin from the sun. So many people think of sunscreen like white shoes - great to use between Memorial Day and Labor Day - but in fact, we need it all year long. My favorite is by Shady Day because it is paraben and PABA free, was created by two moms, has antioxidants and moisturizing properties and is dermatologist recommended. While their Shady Day may be a bit more than some others, the Shady Day Travel Spray is an affordable and great way for you to enjoy this product. Plus you can have it with you at all times because the size is so easy to carry. It fits in even the smallest purse or any pocket. It's even TSA compliant, so, no issue with air travel. We just never know when we are going to be out in the sun and our skin must beprotected from its dangerous rays. I speak from the heart here, having lost a best friend to melanoma.

This company is constantly making the top of lists in the most popular glossies, including being a hot pick in "O Magazine." It's also been cited as a fave among celebs and it is not only very Lucy tested, but it is my picky friends' and picky kids' approved!

These are perfect to hook onto anything like bag packs, diaper bags, purses, gym bags, belt loops and so on. No need to lug around a big bottle of sunscreen anymore. Plus this is a clear, light, non-greasy spray-not all goopy and cumbersome in its delivery or portability.

It protects your skin from both UVA/UVB rays and its oil-free formula absorbs and dries quickly without leaving residue. It is waterproof and like the whole line-it contains aloe Vera to soothe skin, plus antioxidants to help prevent wrinkles and sun spots. Shady Day Travel Spray is also marine and eco-friendly so not to harm the environment.

Shady Day Travel Spray
Retail Price: $10
Discounted Price: $8.50
Deal Code: Lucy15
Discount: 15% off

5. Self Tanner (Shady Day, Inc., Shady Glow Self Tanner)

Shady Glow is an awesome self tan mist that is the safest way to get your glow on, "tan in a can." It is one of their top sellers, and the company is always replenishing stock due to its cult-like following. Unlike many other self tanners which leave you orange and streaky, Shady Glow offers an instant sun kissed look, leaving skin smooth and again with a natural looking, healthy tan. It is a fast-drying mist, not a basic spray (which helps with streaking). Unlike other self tanners, as with all Shady Day, it is paraben free and includes a blend of natural ingredients infused with hydrating aloe Vera to keep your skin moisturized. It also has a 360-degree nozzle so you can cover all those hard to reach places.

This is the ultimate in an easy, safe sun-perk-me-up-when you want to keep your warm weather look all year long!

Shady Glow Self Tanner
Discounted Price: $19.99
Retail Price: $28
Discount Code: LucyAC

6. Body Moisturizer (Sarah Swanson Soy Candles)

Another key item we all need is moisturizer - especially on those literally tough places, like our elbows and the bottoms of our feet. But certainly our hands are essential, since they say you can always tell a women's age by her hands. With Sarah Swanson Soy Candles you get 60 hours of fragrance when you light your candle, but each time you blow it out there is a special treat-as in treatment! You see, the soy never gets too hot and you can put the melting soy wax on your skin. It actually goes on like a serum, literally melting in and making an impact on those dry spots - where we need them the most.

Sarah is a high-end Madison Avenue esthetician who has a fabulous skin care line. This is a way to get the benefits of her products but on a much lower end of the price scale. She is even doing a special for Anderson viewers, offering her $20 candles at half price-so grab some for just 10 bucks a pop. She is making this special available for the start of his wonderful new season. Sarah Swanson Soy Candles come in a fabulous variety of scents via the essential oils that she uses.

Soy Body Candle Tin (Various Scents)
Discounted Price: $10
Deal code: Lucy50
Retail Price: $20

7. Hair Hold Back (Tassi Hair Hold Back)

The Tassi - oh, where to begin? This is an incredible hair hold back that lets you wash your face, brush your teeth, put on your make-up, etc., without getting your hair all wet or full of product. For the many of us who rig our hair back with clips and bands we often end up with dented hairdos, which turn into don'ts - but not with the Tassi! It is the answer to dent-free hair. By the way, it works on all hair styles, cuts and lengths. The Tassi is soft washable terry cloth that you will use multiple times a day. I even use it right out of the shower while running around getting ready because it essentially begins the process of towel drying my hair.

It was initially created for washing your face, because nothing is worse than getting wet hair stuck to the side of your head. You can also use it to hold your rollers in, to sleep in a hair conditioning treatment, while cooking and even to put your makeup on. If I could only count the number of times (pre-Tassi) that I got mascara on my highlights or blush in my ear! The Tassi is going to be a staple for you and all the ladies in your life. It's also a great gift idea for many because it is so price-friendly.

Tassi is even giving us a special discount code on my website when you make an online purchase between now and the end of Sept. Tassi comes in a rainbow of colors and you'll probably want more than one- one for your gym bag, one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen… you get the idea. And you will also likely come up with new ways to use the Tassi. It's fun to learn all the other ways people have found to use the Tassi on its website and share what ideas you too will discover!

Retail Price: $14.99
Discounted Price: $11.99
Deal: Get 20% off through Sept.
Discount code: Lucy (not case sensitive)

8. Mascara (Laura Geller, Full Figured Lashes Mascara)

And since we are keeping it simple and easy, the mainstays to an everyday face are: lips, foundation powder, a touch of blush and mascara. Now that we covered lips (JR Watkins), time for some face cover and lash popping. In terms of make-up these key necessities are essential for just running out anywhere-anytime, from school drop off to that super, hot party (when are those again? LOL).

My top pick for go-to makeup is Laura Geller, her cosmetic line and makeup studio on NYC's Upper East Side is the ultimate for beauty solutions. My lash answer is always found there or on her website. My current fave is her Full-Figured Lashes Mascara. I believe in her products so much that I often give them as gifts. Also, as someone with naturally short, very light colored lashes the options here are eye openers-literally. And as a lady who has spent her entire career on television - I need me some lashes! The Full-Figured Lashes Mascara is so fabulous not only for the reasonable price point Laura is specially offering for "Anderson Live" viewers (given this is a prestige line), is that it does what is says. For instance when it says "magnifies and extends" - wow, it does! And best of all it doesn't clump!

The latter means I can, and do, re-apply later in the day to freshen my look and it handles layering without all the lashes sticking together. I'm convinced it's the combination of Laura's actual formulas and her brush style shapes.

Full Figured Lashes Mascara
Discount: 30% off
Go to for the "Anderson Live" special promotion.
Discounted Price: $17.50
Retail Price: $25

9. Foundation (Laura Geller, Balance-n-Brighten Baked Foundation)

As for my other Laura Geller fave, the Balance-n-Brighten Baked Foundation, gives my skin and all its imperfections an amazingly smooth glow. I had first heard of Laura on the local NY television scene way back in the 1990s before she became a national treasure. Ironically, I happened to stumble upon her posh makeup studio while pushing my first born in his stroller near our little Manhattan apartment on the Upper East Side nearly ten years later.

Sometime after, when I first began doing health and beauty pieces for television, I met Laura! I was so starstruck, plus, she was such an amazing, supportive girls' girlfriend, a brilliant make-up artist and inspiring businesswoman. Coincidentally, we were pregnant around the same time - she with her only child, Daniel, and I with my 2nd baby and only daughter, Skyler. Well, since then, my loyal devotion for all Laura Geller beauty stuck!

Laura has literally cooked her own success by pioneering the "Baked" category in makeup. These lusciously formulated products are exclusively made for her in Italy, with glowing color to immediately enliven the skin and create a youthful aura. Every product begins as a liquid that is infused with vibrant, flattering colors. They are then swirled together and "baked" for 24 hours in terra cotta pans to create rich textures and vibrancy. No two are identical, but each delivers full yet breathable coverage with outstanding blendability.

Back to the Balance-n-Brighten Baked Foundation, I love it because when I use it - which is every day - people always tell me what great skin I have! When I don't have it on, the flaws (which shall remain nameless!) are clearly visible. This comes in several shades and because of her special process of baking in the Italian factories that make these color palates in a marbleized style, they are very versatile and complimentary to varying skin shades. As many women deal with skin shade changes with the season shifts and even more frequently with hormonal changes too. This comes in a choice of colors for your personal skin tone.

Travel Balance-n-Brighten:
Discount: 30 % Off
Discounted Price: $13.65
Retail Price: $19.50
Go to for the "Anderson Live" special promotion.

9A. Blush (Laura Geller, Air Whipped Blush)

The other basic must-have for every day (or even for glam) is a little blush - just give those cheeks some color! Laura has a variety of seemingly countless shades, as well as several applications from creams to powders. Today I'm suggesting the Air Whipped Blush. It goes on with the perfect splash of color, but you have amazing control because you can literally target the tones as it blends, light and creamy into your cheek bones, for a youthful look and a splash of color! Laura's website tells you exactly how to apply to make it even easier and it comes in shades.

This glow-giving blush has universal appeal and includes pigments for just the right shade of color for all skin types.

Funny side story, comedian and talk show host Joy Behar always tells how she went to Laura's studio right before her audition for "The View" and Laura did her makeover, which Joy credits as part of the good luck for getting that job. I heard the story and said when I finally get my audition for ABC (I interned there for "Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee" in college) I too would splurge for a Laura makeover. Well, I did, and it worked, as I landed the freelance gig that was available at that time for fill-in on the network's digital channel.

Air Whipped Blush
Discount: 50% off
Go to for the "Anderson Live" special promotion.
MSRP: $27
'Anderson Live' Special: $13.50

10. Teeth Whitener (Supersmile Quickee Instant Whitening Polish)

The Quickee is a tooth whitener/breath freshening tooth polish! Fresh breath and white teeth are a necessity, and while I do all I can before I leave the house to make that happen, well you know - as the day wears on…

That's why I adore the SupersmileQuickee - essentially a tooth polish that whitens teeth and freshens breath. Perfect for on the go!

Even better is that, it is created by the Father of Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Irwin Smigel, who has Madison Avenue celebrity clientele. He not only invented dental bonding but created an entire whitening toothcare system called Supersmile. No messy trays, no timely and expensive appointments - just brush and go. The Quickee is an awesome introduction to Dr.Smigel's collection (which is pricier than drug store brands), from there you will likely try his line and when you do, you'll be hooked - I know I am! But one thing is for sure: I never leave home without my Quickee!

Supersmile Quickee
Retail Price: $18
No discount

All deal codes expire on Tuesday, September 25 at 11:59 PM ET.

About Lucy:

Lucy Segal

I've spent more than a dozen years as an on-air national health and beauty expert, in addition to being a television news anchor/reporter. I am all about girl power and am thrilled to share these recommendations! They include timeless classics that are sure to make an impact on your daily regimen and improve how you look and feel.

The first and most important thing is really something we all know -- the importance of cleansing and moisturizing. Clean your face of make-up every night, no matter how tired you are and wash at least every morning too! Add moisturizer and keep out of the sun. These are the simplest keys to beauty success. Like losing weight, where the key is a balance of eating well and exercising, beauty care has no magic pill. You need to know the basics as the suggestions above provide: with them, you are good to glow!

To learn more about Lucy, go to

The opinions, advice and statements, including any recommendations for product(s) or services, offered by any expert or blogger featured on are not recommended and/or endorsed by Anderson Live, ANE Productions, Inc., Telepictures Productions,Inc., Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. or Mr. Anderson Cooper. Should you choose to follow the advice in any of the above statements, including the purchase and use any of any product(s) or services, you shall do so entirely at your own risk.

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