Top 3 Tips on How to Stay Calm when Faced with Angry Confrontation

On today's show, Anderson discussed the "Anderson Live Anger Project," and explored what makes people angry by conducting a hidden camera experiment with restaurant customers.

Anger management expert Dr. Leslie Seppinni was on today's show to share her tips on what you can do when faced with an angry, confrontational person. Seppinni says to consider the following three things:

1. Ask: "is this worth my mental energy?" You have a choice -- if you want to ruin your day and become upset and worked up, or just move on.

2. Say: "thank you" -- whether it's in your head or to the person directly. If you say thank you, you take your control back and there is no place to go! You have your pride.

3. Say: "I hear your point of view, but this is how I'm feeling." The idea is to reduce as much drama as possible so you can live excuse-free! Don't shave days off your life -- a moment of anger can really affect your well being


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