Top Holiday Tips for Your Pup

Andrea TovarToday's holiday tips are from Bocce's Bakery founder Andrea Tovar. Bocce's Bakery has all-natural, preservative and chemical-free biscuits that are baked in small batches.

Guest Blogger: Andrea Tovar

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas trees, gifts, parties and snacks, it's also the time to be extra careful with our four-legged family members.

The holidays are for celebrating! Enjoy the extra time you are spending at home with your pet and with a little extra care, make sure to keep them safe.

1. Healthy Snacking

The holidays are the time to indulge a bit. And that means we are tempted to give our dogs more food than usual, and maybe a bite of that pumpkin pie. But table scraps are usually too fatty, spicy, and salty for our dog's digestive system and can cause harm to their health.

TIP: Keep healthy snacks handy such as all-natural treats, and fresh fruits and veggies (a few blueberries or apple slices make great snacks!) if you want to treat your pup.

Ask your guests to resist the urge to pass them a bite. If they want to treat your dog, suggest bringing your pup a toy for him to play with instead.

Every pup could use a little extra playtime! And remember: turkey bones are just as harmful for your dog as chicken bones.

2. Light Up the Tree

Who doesn't love a lit up Christmas tree filled with ornaments? But electrical cords, glass ornaments, and sitting water all pose a danger to our pups. Especially playful pups who see these are perfect for playing and chewing.

TIP: Make sure your Christmas tree is properly secured to prevent it from tipping.

Use a Christmas tree skirt to prevent access to the tree water, and pace fragile ornaments and electrical cords out of reach.

3. Paws Reach

Delicious chocolate gifts under the tree? Holiday candles on the coffee table? A big no-no!

Make sure potential dangers are out of reach for your pup. Holiday plants, such as poinsettias and mistletoe are also harmful to dogs if ingested. And that day-old turkey in the trash probably smells like a delicious snack to your dog, but could contain harmful bacteria.

TIP: Setup a separate area for your guests to leave gifts that contain food or have small pieces your dog may.

Keep candles and plants out of reach, and securely close trash cans to prevent your dog from having access to old food.

4. New Year's Buzz

Getting ready for a big holiday party? The bells and whistles of a New Year's celebration might scare your pup.

TIP: Set up a cozy space in a separate room with less noise that your dog can go to if they are feeling uncomfortable with the extra noise or new guests in their home.

Be sure to have water close by.


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