Trends in 2012, from Yahoo! Shine


Jennifer Romolini, Editor-in-Chief at Yahoo! Shine, joined Anderson on Monday's show to talk about what's hot and trendy in 2012. From beauty to tech to finances, Jennifer has the inside scoop on what you'll be seeing more of this year. See more from this episode of "Anderson."

Yahoo! Shine's Must-Know Trends in 2012:

Money: More Negotiations
Because jobs are still scarce in this economy, Jennifer says that people are trying to get the most out of the jobs they already have, rather than looking for new work. People are inquiring about how they can get a raise. Jennifer encourages that employees evaluate their value and test the waters by asking for a raise when it's appropriate.

Beauty: Cosmetic Eye Color Surgery
Colored contact lenses are out, and cosmetic eye color surgery is in. A $5,000 laser surgery that lasts 20 seconds will remove layers of your eye pigment to reveal the blue pigment underneath, changing eye color to blue.

Dating: Relationship Apps
Online dating is quickly becoming outdated, as relationship apps take hold. The apps allow users to check-in and instantly broadcast where they are, and then meet up with other users in their same vicinity. Rather than browsing online profiles, people will meet who is actually nearby.

Technology: Designer 3D Glasses
We've all had experiences with those big bins of 3D glasses at movie theaters. Jennifer and Anderson discuss how they not only make you look "dorky," but they're also reused and can be filmy, slimy and generally gross. Designer fashion brands are trying to revolutionize the traditional 3D glasses by creating stylish, designer 3D glasses of their own.

Moms: Mom Confessions
"Bad is the new good," Jennifer says. In blogs and comments all over the web, Jennifer says moms are talking to each other about mistakes in their life, whether it's "trial and error" parenting, cooking mishaps, career mistakes or anything else.

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