10 Facts About Adorable Hedgehogs

HedgehogHedgehogI love hedgehogs. I really do. I think they are the cutest things in the history of ever. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to them. And I'm not alone. Hedgehogs are becoming increasingly popular as pets, based on my highly unscientific research that included talking to friends, searching the interwebs, and the number of followers on my hedgehog board. There are tons of hedgehog products and even internet memes dedicated to their adorable awesomeness.

However, after doing some research, I was devastated to find out that I can't have one. It's illegal to own a hedgehog in the county where I currently reside, where there are strict laws about exotic pets. My children and I were in favor of selling the house and moving to a more right-thinking locality, but my husband said that was crazy. He needs to rethink his priorities.

So without further ado, here are 10 facts about hedgehogs that everyone should know, particularly for those people who are interested in having one as a pet.

Thanks to MillerMeade Farm for sharing pictures and information on their adorable herd of hedgehogs!

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KanyeKanyeThis hedgehog is named Kanye. YES HE IS.
The hedgehogs most of us have seen pictures of and want to adopt as pets are usually a variety of African Pygmy Hedgehog. Just like this little guy.
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BabyBabyBaby hedgehogs are called ...
... Hoglets, and mommy hedgehogs usually have 4-5 hoglets per litter.
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So cute!So cute!How much is this cutie?
Hedgehogs tend to cost between $100 to $200, depending on where you live and whether you buy from a breeder or pet shop.

AdorableAdorableTheir favorite food?
A proper hedgehog diet (for a pet) includes small insects and canned cat food. You can buy specialty hedgehog food as well. They're omnivores, but they really enjoy bugs.
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TerranceTerranceTheir favorite snack?
Fresh fruit. Though fruit may be a healthy, every day food for people, it is not an everyday food for hedgehogs.
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ExerciseExerciseThey need to get their exercise!
Like guinea pigs and hamsters, hedgies need exercise. Getting a wheel to run on or other small animal equipment to play with is good for their health.
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DoctorDoctorTake him the doctor!
Pet hedgehogs may have to go the vet once a year for check-ups but tend to be very healthy if properly cared for.
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What do they feel like?What do they feel like?What do they feel like?
Hedgehogs have up to 7,000 quills on their backs and these spines are like very thick, coarse hairs. The spines are not barbed or super sharp like a porcupine's quills, but they don't feel good if you get poked with them. Their bellies, however, are very soft.
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BlindBlindHe just can't see ...
Hedgehogs have very poor eyesight.
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DirkDirkHow long can we keep him?
Hedgehog life expectancy is up to 7 years.
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-By Julie Miner
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