7 facts about Cee-Lo's famous cat

Singer, songwriter, half of Gnarls Barkley…comfy-lap impresario? Cee-Lo Green's cat Purrfect is taking the world (including the online portion) by storm since she started showing up on "The Voice" to "help" Cee-Lo judge contestants. Here's the scoop (pun intended) on Purrfect's backstage requirements, background, and beef with Blake Shelton.

1 "Purrfect" has more than 37,000 Twitter followers; her listed location is "@ceelogreen's lap."

2 She's a considered and retiring type; Cee-Lo has called Purrfect "a great listener," but "a little nonchalant about things."

3 Cee-Lo and Purrfect met about a year ago when she was still a kitten; she's his L.A. lap cat when he's away from his home base in Atlanta. Cee-Lo has always had felines in his life. He says Purrfect is "probably [his] twentieth cat."

4 Purrfect's appeared only in taped segments of "The Voice" so far – but look for her to make a couple of appearances on the upcoming live shows. It's not guaranteed, but Cee-Lo reports that she's "going through training" to deal with the constraints of the live broadcasts. He hopes she'll be ready to join him live "in the chair, which she likes."

5 According to Access Hollywood, Purrfect does try to influence the star on which "Voice" singers he chooses – by Tweeting him from her "iPawd." She also has an extensive contract rider requiring among other things, catnip, "organic milk bottle service," Egyptian cotton towels, and sushi-grade ahi tuna in her dressing room.

6 Fellow "Voice" judge Blake Shelton is not a fan; an avowed dog person, Shelton has called Purrfect "stupid" and "smelly" and says that he avoids the cat on set.

7 Purrfect is a Persian, a breed that originated in Iran and Turkey and arrived in Western Europe in the 17th century. The flat face we associate with the Persian today is a relatively new development – photos from the turn of the last century show a longer muzzle and larger, more visible eyes – but is now the breed standard.

Are you a Purrfect fan -- or Twitter follower? Do you hope she makes an appearance on "The Voice," live? Share your thoughts on Purrfect and Persians in the comments!

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