The Dog Ate My Masters Tickets!


2120080605125359dogtip2120080605125359dogtip The dog ate my tickets! It wasn't just an excuse for Russ Berkman, who won a coveted prize in an online lottery for four tickets to the Masters -- only for his Swiss Mountain dog, Sierra, to mistake the paper for a tasty snack.

"When I walked in the house, I noticed there was a few strings on my hard wood floors that appeared to be the strings on my Masters tickets," Berman recounted. His girlfriend suggested he get the dog to vomit -- which produced approximately 80 pieces representing 70 percent of the actual ticket paper.

(To induce the vomiting, Berkman fed Sierra Hydrogen peroxide -- which is safe for animals to ingest for this purpose.)

After attempting to connect the vomit-soaked pieces, Berkman finally contacted the ticket office and explained his situation. "First, they said, 'Are you serious?!,'" Berkman recalled. The stunned but symapthetic staffers eventually re-issued his prize.

Probably wishes he made that call before the puke-digging, huh?

What about you: would you sift through vomit to recover a valuable possession??

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