Dog Saves Owner from Cougar Attack


An appropriately-named border collie lived up to her moniker last week after protecting her owner from a cougar attack inside their home. Vicious came to the aid of 35-year-old Angie Prime after the emaciated cougar came into their house in search of food.

Prime was sitting on her couch with her Pomeranian Chihuahua puppies when the cougar entered her living room -- after walking in through an open screen door.

"It was definitely surreal," Prime told the Toronto Sun. "We looked at each other and had a moment. It was, holy (expletive) there's a cougar in my house."

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As Prime began to scream, Vicious sprang into action, chasing the large cat out of the home and up a nearby hill.

Angie, who is four-foot-two and weighs just 78 pounds, sustained a few scratches before Vicious came onto the scene. "She got one paw on me and I got three punctures on my upper thigh from her claws," she said.

Wildlife officials eventually found the cougar after baiting her with traps. Conservation officer Aaron Canuel confirmed that the animal was put down, explaining that she was old, severely emaciated and in "terrible condition." He added, "Sometimes when a cougar's that age and in that poor physical condition, their ability to hunt their natural prey like deer and elk diminishes significantly."

As for Vicious? "I got her some extra toys and she got lots of extra treats," said Prime. "She had the full attention of my parents so she was in heaven."

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