Dog's Weight Loss Inspires Owner to Drop 200 Pounds


Everyone is inspired to lose weight in different ways. For some an unflattering picture will spark a diet and exercise routine, others are motivated by an upcoming event -- and for Lindsey Evans, it was her dog Millie.

Millie had nearly starved to death when Lindsey rescued her, but the Rhodesian Ridgeback quickly put on weight thanks to her new mom's TLC -- and the junk food Lindsey shared with her. Soon Lindsey had ballooned to 350 pounds, while Millie tipped the scales at 126 -- nearly twice the weight considered "healthy" for her size.

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Vets were shocked at Millie's girth when Lindsey brought her in for a leg operation and quickly put her on a crash diet. As Lindsey watched her pup shrink to healthy 70 pounds, the 39-year-old knew it was time to follow.

"I thought if my dog Millie can do it so can I," Lindsey told the Daily Mail. Earlier this year, she started a diet program and cut junk food from her life.

"I am quite severely disabled and I always just assumed that without exercise I could never lose weight, but Millie couldn't walk far either because she has bad legs, and once I saw her lose weight just through her diet I knew I could do it too," Lindsey explained. "So I completely changed my diet -- I virtually halved my food. I didn't eat crisps, chocolate or bread, no sugar and no fat."

Lindsey has now reached her goal weight of 140 pounds, while Millie has maintained her healthy weight. "I am really proud of what I have achieved," Lindsey reflected. "I have reached my target weight and I am determined to stay there."

She added, "Losing the weight has changed my life but i wouldn't have done it if Millie hadn't shown me the way."

Lindsey and Millie today:

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