Hero Pit Bull Saves Owner from Oncoming Train

By WebVet.com

A Boston-area pit bull is doing her part to defy stereotypes surrounding the breed. Lilly, an eight-year-old therapy dog, is recovering after getting hit by a train while saving her owner's life.

David Lanteigne, who rescued Lilly three years ago to work with his mother, told WHDH, "(My mom) had fallen on the tracks. And from one of the witnesses said as the train was drawing near, he saw the dog pulling my mom off the track."

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Although Lilly successfully dragged her master out of harm's way, she was unable to get off the tracks before the train hurtled in their direction. Doctors had to amputate her right front leg and reconstruct her fractured pelvis, but they say she is recovering well and should be back in action soon.

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Lanteigne addressed the misconceptions surrounding pit bulls, explaining, "We found her and we rescued her and you know what? She went out stayed loyal. She's an amazing dog. She felt like she wanted to do something -- the ultimate sacrifice to give back and thank God she's still here with us."


Photo from WHDH.com

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