Meet Nintendo's New Spokesdog: 'The Artist's' Uggie!

'The Artist's' fabulous Uggie the Dog has just stepped up as the new spokesdog for Nintendo. How did his first day at work go? Watch here!

-Lucia Peters,


So much for retirement! Fresh off of his Golden Collar Award win and the awards season success of The Artist, Uggie the Dog has picked up a prestigious new position: Spokesdog for gaming giant Nintendo!

Nintendo unveiled its 3D handheld gaming system, the 3DS, almost exactly a year ago. The first of its kind, it boasts the ability to display 3D graphics without the player needing to wear those clunky glasses. I've played one-not going to lie, it's pretty neat! But interestingly, even with all of the super high-tech games available for the various DS systems, one of the best-selling titles across the board is Nintendogs + Cats. And now that 3DS exists, you can play with your virtual pets in eye-popping 3D, which (obviously) just adds to the draw of the game.

Enter Uggie! He may be used to stardom, but as the face of Nintendo and Nintendogs + Cats, he's got a lot to learn about his new position. He's got his own office, he helps brainstorm important ideas, he signs the occasional autograph… he even dons a collar and tie (you know what they say about dressing for the job!). And how do things go when Uggie meets his boss?... Well, you'll just have to see for yourself. Trust me. Watch him make his way through his first day at work here!

Best. Spokesdog. Ever. Congrats, Uggie!


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