Pups of Pride! 10 Cute Pictures of Dogs Celebrating Gay Pride Month

Pups of PridePups of PrideIf you live under a rock and missed it, June was Gay Pride Month in the United States. All across the nation there were Gay Pride Parades to both celebrate Gay Pride, and attempt to help bridge the gap between those that support and those that don't understand (or accept) people choosing to love those that aren't heteronormative.

But it's not just people at Pride Parades; there are plenty of pups there too because -- as always -- where there is man, there's man's best friend!

Check out these 10 cute pups of pride celebrating Gay Pride Month with their owners!

Windy City prideWindy City pride1. Windy City Pride
These pitbulls are heading to the Chicago Pride Parade in STYLE! How adorable are those doggy smiles?

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Rainbow falsiesRainbow falsies2. Rainbow Falsies
Okay, I'm not sure of the wisdom of putting false eyelashes on your dog, even if it is for Pride, but dang -- this is cute!

 Is his drool purple, too? Is his drool purple, too?3. Is His Drool Purple, Too?
Mastiffs are known for their icky drool, but after this picture -- I feel like feather boas could be their new thing!

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Poodle pride!Poodle pride!4. Poodle Pride!
I am simply loving this poodle's rainbow fluff! So festive and fun!

Rainbow gamesRainbow games5. Rainbow Games
Who says Pride is all about the fashion? Look at this guy playing ball with a rainbow-colored beach ball!

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Tutus and suchTutus and such6. Tutus and Such
I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear a pink tutu better...

Bells and whistlesBells and whistles7. Bells and Whistles
This pup is celebrating Pride with a jing-a-ling-a-ing. Adorable.

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Festive stripesFestive stripes8. Festive Stripes
Another poodle with Pride painted all over! Hopefully that's that non-toxic temporary hair dye because it's super cute!

Flag bearerFlag bearer9. Flag Bearer
Wave, baby, wave! I love that there's a cute pup doing this.

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Panting with pridePanting with pride10. Panting With Pride
This dog is really bringing it, don't you think? Another big puppy smile!

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