Shine's anniversary celebration continues with...the stories we loved to write!

A few weeks ago, we Shine editors decided as a team to write about the posts we loved writing (all of which seems unbelievably meta--cue Twilight Zone music now please). Whoa. When I actually look back at the year of Shine, I realize I have written more than 400 posts (!) about fashion, beauty, retro style, celebrities, hair, shoes, stuff that makes me sad, big issues, little problems, scary things, makeup, and truly secret discounts.

And, man, it's hard to narrow that 400 down.

The truth is...I love all of it, people! Whether we're talking about how often you should shampoo your hair, a ground-breaking issue of Vogue, Ann Coulter, Michelle Obama's arms, or our favorite perfumes, I know every day that I have an awesome, fun, rewarding job. And most of that is because of you. Because you come here and read and comment and hate and love.

So, thanks so much for this year.
Keep on keepin' on, Shine readers and I'll keep writing about weird stuff.