How to apply Cleopatra eye makeup that will last

Costume makeup tricks fit for a pharaoh

Whether you want to dress up like Cleopatra for Halloween or just any old day of the week, you probably want your eye makeup to last longer than it takes to call out for Mark Antony. In addition to using high-quality products, you can implement these tricks to keep your makeup in place for as long as the party goes.

1. Prime the skin

around your eyes by either applying an actual makeup primer or simply dabbing on some face lotion. Hydrated skin will give you the best foundation, but you don't want to apply creams and powders directly after you've moisturized so go ahead and prime 10 to 15 minutes before you start in on the rest of your makeup process. If you don't want to take a 10-minute break to kick your feet up, use the time to blow out your hair or paint your nails.

2. Line those eyes, and line them again

, inside and outside of the top and bottom lash lines. Cleopatra's defined eyes defined her, so apply liberally, using a black waterproof eyeliner to do the job. After you've traced the eyes themselves, wing your eyeliner out starting from the outside corner of each eye. Angle your markings to extend from the lower lash line up towards the outside edge of the eyebrows. Add a second line extending from the lower lash line, angled more horizontally, to make a triangular shape in order to complete the dramatic cat eye.

3. Use powder to set the eye liner

. Eye liner by itself has a tendency to smear and fade, but you can give your liner a boost by covering it with black eye shadow. Use the edge of an eye shadow applicator or small brush to carefully place powder over your markings. To avoid powder spilling all over your cheeks and nose, only pick up a small amount of shadow at one time and make small strokes as you line your eyes.

4. Fill in the brows

with a waterproof brow liner and, again, set the liner with a powder shadow to lock in the look. Cleopatra's brows are normally portrayed as dark and angular so there's no need to thin out your natural look for the evening. Sticking to waterproof products, even when you don't have plans for being immersed in water, can help your makeup stay-put longer by resisting mixing with the natural oils on your skin.

5. Apply a charcoal shadow

from the liner to your brow. Depending on your preferences, you may want to create a monotone look over the whole eye, or you may want to create a smoky eye that follows a soft gradient pattern going from dark black on the lash line to softer shades of gray at the brow bone. Blend, as desired, using your favorite long-lasting shadows. And, if gray is really not your color, opt for a blue or brown shadow instead.

6. Coat those lashes

as if your life depended on it. Use a blackest black waterproof mascara to cover all angles of every lash. Then, and only then, would Cleopatra be proud.