• Ask a...Real Estate Agent

    David Kramer is a real estate agent at Hilton & Hyland in Beverly Hills. He was the agent for the buyer of the Spelling mansion and was ranked #15 in real estate agents nationwide by the Wall Street Journal. He answers questions for Yahoo! Shine about the best and worst times to sell and finding the right home for you.


    "The most exciting sale I had," says Kramer, "was the sale of
    the Spelling mansion in Holmby Hills." He notes that it was an interesting real estate deal for him to make. "You had a lot of very powerful people and you're wedged in between them. And everyone needs to be happy because they have the money to do what they want, and you're the ping pong ball making sure that they are happy." He and his client were at the right place at the right time, he says, and Candy Spelling was ready to sell, simplify her life, and move on.

    How to invest in realestate

    He adds that the transaction was difficult but a lot of fun, noting that the new owners didn't real

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  • Ask a...Green Living Expert

    Ed Begley, Jr. is an actor and a green living expert.

    Greener Life, Greener Wallet

    According to Begley, the biggest misconception
    about living green is that it has to be expensive. "I didn't have the money and I certainly didn't want to get into debt," he says. He made the cheap and easy changes first, and says he saved $300,000 over the past 40 years.

    Living green without spending the green

    Begley recommends that people start small. He notes that, for example, you could save up to $40 a month on your utility bill, with four easy steps: using energy efficient light bulbs; weather stripping; turning the thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer; and unplugging those things that you aren’t using.


    Then if you take those savings and reinvest in other green technologies, "You can, in a year, save a thousand dollars, easily,” he says.

    Top 10 green myths

    How Did You Get Started?

    Begley got started as an environmental activist in part b

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  • Jayme Barrett is a certified Feng Shui consultant and author of the book Feng Shui Your Life.

    What Is Feng Shui?

    According to Barrett, a misconception about Feng Shui is that it is a religion. "It is absolutely not a religion," she explains. "Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of arranging your surroundings in a way that makes you feel happy and healthy and motivated. And it can bring you success and abundance." Barrett says that Feng Shui can change both how you feel and how you are going to attract new things into your life.

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    "We have an energetic attachment to everything we own," says Barrett. "Each object either increases our energy or decreases it. If you have enough in your home that's pulling your energy down, making you feel bad on a subconscious level, it can really affect you in a negative way."

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    What Is Your Job?

    A Feng Shui consultant will come into your home and

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  • Justin Klosky is the founder and creative director of the OCD (Organize and Create Discipline) Experience.

    So What Do You Do?

    "The misconception is that we're nice housemaids in cute little outfits," says Klosky. "It's so much more than just a cleaner. It's someone who is cleaning your mentality."

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    According to Klosky, people don't get rid of things because "it's kind of shielding them from feeling and from really having to deal with themselves because when you're surrounded by stuff everywhere, you're protected." He says that he helps people get to the place where they are ready to deal with themselves "or whatever's going on in their head."

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    What's With All the Clutter?

    Klosky says, "Every person has something that they're fighting in their life to get control of. 75 percent of the time, it's the closet in the bedroom or their office." He adds that the most comm

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