10 Homekeeping Multitaskers

If you only break out these products for their intended use, you're missing out on their other abilities to help you clean, organize, and decorate every room in the house.

Lint Roller
Clean vacuum attachments.

Whisk away dust from surface protectors on the bottoms of furniture legs.

Pick up small scraps after crafting or sewing.

Adhesive Tape
Crisscross strips across the top of a vase, creating a grid to help stabilize flower stems in an arrangement.

Use sticky side to pull out tiny cactus spines stuck in skin.

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Garment Steamer
Flatten wrinkles in your bedding, including skirts and sheets -- right on the bed.

Smooth creases in curtains as they hang.

Unfurl corners of area rugs so they'll lie flat.

Outline letters and designs on a cake before piping the icing.

Clear the holes in a strainer or garlic press.

Unclog the burners of a gas stove.

Use colored frilled toothpicks to identify grilled burgers (rare, medium, or well-done) and highlight vegetarian appetizers.

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Wine-Bottle Corks
Scrub the blades of scissors and pruning shears using lemon juice and coarse salt.

Slice a cork into disks and attach them to the bottom of a planter to allow drainage or to the saucer to protect surfaces.

Grip a nail with a spring-type clothespin when hammering it.

Suspend floating row covers (lightweight fabric used to protect plants from frost and insects) by clipping them to the plants.

Slip one-piece pins into the fingers of just-washed woolen gloves to retain their shape.

Replace the water in a vase with minimal disruption to the floral display.

Water houseplants with dense leaves by getting direct access to the soil.

Extract excess liquid from a plant saucer after watering so that the plant won't rot.

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Extend your reach for items stored on high shelves.

Adjust hot pans or baking sheets in the oven.

Rearrange hot coals in a grill.

Plastic Jugs and Bottles
Trim off the top to use as a funnel.

Cut to make a scoop for soil, fertilizer, sand, or birdseed -- or even to clean out gutters.

Fill with sand or water to hold down the edges of tarps and other lightweight covers.

Soft Paintbrushes
Dust lampshade pleats, carved picture frames, wicker furniture and baskets, and even spiny or velvety houseplants, such as cacti and African violets.

Remove debris from window screens.

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