7 Ways to Decorate with Ornaments

Whether they're placed in a vase or hanging from a tree, glittering ornaments add the perfect finishing touch to your holiday home decor. Here are 7 new ways to decorate with your ornament collections.

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1. Hang Ornaments from a New Kind of Tree

Suspend vintage ornaments on an antique drying rack for an alternative Christmas "tree."

2. Make a Hanging Bud Vase

Create a new kind of ornament: Put flower buds, like poinsettia blooms, in small jars outfitted with wire for hanging.

3. Bake a Sparkly Star Cookie

To make a cookie ornament, first buy ready-made dough - it's sturdier than homemade. Knead in 2/3 cup flour until smooth to increase dough's density, making it suitable for ornaments. Roll dough. Cut shapes. Make holes for hanging. Chill and bake per manufacturer's instructions.

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4. Display Golden Ornaments

Out of their boxes, vintage ornaments look impressive arranged in antique bowls. You can also arrange your collection in a hurricane vase or inside a pretty shallow tray.

5. Create Pocket-Watch Ornaments

Remove the face from a pocket-watch, and insert an old family photo in its place. Instant personalized ornaments! Instead of hanging from the tree, hang a an assortment on a jewelry or necklace organizer.

6. Place Vintage Ornaments on a Tea Tray

Silver and white are a classic combination, so try displaying your vintage ornaments on a sterling tea tray, like confections. Or enlist a silver candy dish or mercury-glass vase.

7. Make Golden Pinecone Ornaments

Tie individual pinecones, gilded or left plain, to ribbons of varying lengths. Suspend them from a your tree, a dining-room chandelier for a dramatic effect, or even from an outdoor porch light. Give a gift of a dozen pinecone ornaments-a mix of gold and silver, perhaps-in a simple egg carton, a perfect storage container.

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