13 Bad Roommate Horror Stories

These roommates put the bad in BAD ROOMMATE.These roommates put the bad in BAD ROOMMATE.Sure, living with a roommate is cost-efficient and it can even be fun. But at times, it can really suck-especially if you have a roommie that doesn't respect your space. Inspired by the new show, Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23, we asked Cosmo readers to share their worst roommate tales. And, um, wow-they're not pretty.

By Dara Adeeyo

"My roommate used to come out wearing my clothes. And um, we weren't the same size." -Justine R.

"She threw away every copy of my Cosmopolitan magazine that came in the mail before I could read it." -@epratt54

"My roommate farts all night. In the morning, the room smells like a stink bomb exploded here." -Priyanka V.

"I let my roommate borrow my dishes and when she washed them, she dries them off with the towel she uses on her body after she showers!" -Ariana L.

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"She asked to borrow my underwear because mine were "cuter." Um no. But thanks for the compliment." -@PaiigeAnn

"I went out for the night and left my keys at home because I didn't want to lose them. When I got back, my roommate locked me out and refused to let me back in." -Caitlin B.

"My roommate used to have sex in my bed!" -Carla S.

"The worse thing I experienced with a roommate was they stole my social security number!" -Gina W.

"She took my expensive makeup, lied about having it, and then accused me of intruding in her space when I found it in her bathroom." -@LoveCraftBeauty

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"I had a guy roommate whose f--- buddies would sleepover, and after having loud sex with him, they would then proceed to use my razor and any of my products in the bathroom they felt like using." -Teri S.

"I once walked in on my roommate giving her boss oral sex in the kitchen." -Kelsey W.

"She always used to leave the toilet unflushed after taking a piss. Conserving water my ass." -Sand P.

"The night before I took the LSAT, she went to a party that got busted...so she brought the after-party to our house." -@blonde_circus

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