15 Fresh Ways to Display Your Art

Don't let your collection just sit in a closet--start enjoying those paintings, posters, and photos right now.

Just the right amount of cheekyJust the right amount of cheeky
Let art imitate life
Who says that art has to be serious? Hanging a picture of a bed, above the bed, is just the right amount of cheeky.
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Brought together by a shared colorBrought together by a shared color
Provide a common denominator
Diverse mediums and frames are brought together by a single, shared wall color.

A sweet surpriseA sweet surprise
Embrace unexpected placement

Art is a sweet surprise when hung for the benefit of those with their head on the pillow.

Gives the eye somewhere to landGives the eye somewhere to land
Interrupt the pattern

A boldly graphic piece gives the eye somewhere to land in a room full of patterns.
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Corners are notoriously difficult Corners are notoriously difficult
Use negative space

Corners are notoriously difficult places to fill. Take the opportunity to make your own curated corner gallery.

Mood lighting fixtureMood lighting fixture
Create a mood

A moody vintage oil painting ties together a heavy wooden mantel and a wrought-iron candelabra.
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Pale art on a pale wallPale art on a pale wall
Create balance

By hanging a pale piece of art on a pale wall, it becomes an equal player in a sweet tableau, instead of the focal point.

Rotate on a whimRotate on a whim
Don't commit

For less serious art, like concert posters, keep them off the wall so that you can rotate them on a whim.

A reminder of a favorite placeA reminder of a favorite place
Bring the outside in

Landscape photographs printed on foam core are a sweet reminder of a favorite place.

Sweet against a modern wallSweet against a modern wall
Introduce old to new

A slightly stuffy wood block of trees looks sweet against a modern cabin wall.

Hang your art on the shelving itselfHang your art on the shelving itself
Shelve it

Have more bookcases than free wall space? Hang your art on the shelving itself. This works well for both large and small pieces; with small ones, group lots of them together or they'll get lost visually.
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Draw the eye upDraw the eye up
Raise it

Draw the eye up (and save your walls from holes) by using the tops of window- and doorframes to showcase small artworks. Color is key: See how the yellow pieces here pop against the robin's-egg blue.
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Divert the gazeDivert the gaze
Distract with it

Divert the gaze from the ubiquitous living-room eyesore by hanging a painting larger than the flat-screen right above it. Note: Since the TV already has a frame, ditch the one on the art.

Comfortably everyday Comfortably everyday
Surprise with it

Art becomes comfortably everyday when you incorporate it into a high-traffic-area tableau. This tip is not, of course, meant for your Chagall--or any other irreplaceable pieces.

Centered on a line just above eye levelCentered on a line just above eye level
Unify it

Even a random collection feels coherent when displayed in a wraparound gallery. The trick here? Hang the gallery centered on a line just above eye level.
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