15 Smart Small-home Organization Tips

Keep small spaces uncluttered with our creative storage and organization solutions. Don't let a lack of space get you down--use the small area as a creative inspiration.

Using under-utilized wall spaceUsing under-utilized wall space
Frame a doorway

Bookshelves surrounding the entry from a living room to a dining room make creative use of what might otherwise be under-utilized wall space.

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Creates a visual separationCreates a visual separation
Divide and conquer

This free-standing cabinet creates a visual separation between the entryway and living space. It provides a large amount of closed storage to keep the room uncluttered.

Much less expensive than built-insMuch less expensive than built-ins
Maximize wall space

Freestanding wall units can be much less expensive than built-ins. Create a niche in the unit for a workstation to add even more function.

It can hold anything you need to unloadIt can hold anything you need to unload
Put furniture to work

Multipurpose furniture is a must. If you don't have an entryway closet, a storage bench can hold anything you need to unload. Plus it can double as extra seating, rather than clunky folding chairs.

Keep floor space openKeep floor space open
Use a classic trick

When you have limited rooms for your little ones, go with the mainstay solution: bunk beds! They keep floor space open for other activities.

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Conceal seldom-used items under the bedConceal seldom-used items under the bed

Hide what you rarely use

Any unused space is fair game for storage. Drawers on casters conceal seldom-used items under the bed. They also work well for storing toys in a cramped kid's room. Use garment bags to keep dust out of stored linens.

Using a hanging rack for pots and pans Using a hanging rack for pots and pans
Prioritize items

Keep everyday-use items handy instead of tucked away in cabinets or drawers. Using a hanging rack for pots and pans and a floating shelf for jarred items accomplishes just that, yet in an uncluttered way.

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Try to find room for pulloutsTry to find room for pullouts
Keep trash out of sight

In addition to your main kitchen trash can, try to find room for pullout cans to hold glass, metal, and paper recycling. You can also use a pullout system for your main trash can if space allows.

Open shelves and glass doorsOpen shelves and glass doors
Let in light

A trio of open shelves and an upper cabinet with wavy glass doors on both sides allow light to stream into this small kitchen's many windows.

Vertical dividers keep pans easy to see Vertical dividers keep pans easy to see
Go vertical

Vertical dividers keep cake pans and casserole trays easy to see and retrieve--you avoid having to pull out the bottom one at risk of toppling all the others. Use any leftover slots for your go-to cookbooks or food magazines.

Closet converted for use as a pantryCloset converted for use as a pantry
Prep your pantry

This closet off the kitchen was converted for use as a food pantry. Deep shelves hold cans, boxes, and glass containers, and the countertop on a lower cabinet holds the microwave, so it doesn't take up valuable space in the kitchen.

A perfect place for a cabinet A perfect place for a cabinet
Get sneaky

Behind the bathroom door is a perfect place for a cabinet of recessed shelves, just deep enough to hold one row of shampoo bottles or nail polish.

Invest in a storage systemInvest in a storage system
Colonize closet space

Take advantage of ample closet space by investing in a storage system. Tracks mounted on the back wall support the weight of wire shelves in this utility closet.

Keep everything close at handKeep everything close at hand
Keep things within reach

Shelves above and to the side of your desk keep everything close at hand and also allow for extra display space.

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The work surface stays clearThe work surface stays clear
Stow below

There are several baskets below this home office desk (plus some small boxes and bins above), but the work surface stays clear.

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