15 Status Updates You Can't Stand

Sometimes people just say TOO MUCH on Facebook.Sometimes people just say TOO MUCH on Facebook.Whether it's posting status updates about how "ugly" they are or humble-bragging on a daily basis, we all have Facebook friends who seem like they'll pass out if they don't get constant attention. Sure, writing "I don't care!!!" would be super-satisfying, but somehow we don't think that would go over well. That's why we asked you to vent about the attention-seeking status updates that drove you crazy. Our favorites…

By Korin Miller "'Like this status if you think I'm hot.'" -Kelsey P.

"'I'm deleting people, so if you see this you made the cut.' Oh please." -@yazyJazy

"Easter has hit my hips hard so I need to crash diet now. Wouldn't you agree?" -Laura C.

"'So and so checked in here and here and here and now they're going here.' Yeah, I'm good with not knowing someone's every move." -Laura N.

"'Why don't guys like me? I'm going to be alone forever, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong!' Obviously, it's posting statuses like that." -Emily S.

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"My all time 'favorite' is the countdown to vacation, concert, birthday, etc. Please spare us this everyday for the next 142 days, because in all reality, we don't care." -Cheryl G.

"First status: 'Omg! I love him so much!' Then status number two: 'I hate him he's the worst thing that's ever happened to me!' Then there's like a thousand comments asking what's wrong until you get number three, 'Oh I love him so much again.' Repeat!" -Caitlin F.

"'Steve is in the hospital. His ankle is swollen. Please send me your kind thoughts. I'll repost the best ones.'" -Karen P.

"'Omg I can't believe that happened!' When someone comments asking what happened, they respond, 'I can't tell you.'" -Jade A.

"I once saw a girl update her status asking what a blood clot looked like, because she couldn't tell if it was that or her having a miscarriage." -Ashley B.

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"Whyyy do I have to hear about your cramps on FB?" -Talia R.

"The ones who put, 'I love you "insert name here"' literally at the end of EVERY post. Seriously, get off Facebook and tell HIM that, not us." -Kylee W.

"'OMG I hate my life!' " -Sarah K.

"'I look ugly in this picture!' You wouldn't have uploaded the picture if you really thought it was ugly." -Bee H.

"I hate it when a girl posts a picture of herself in sweatpants and a T-shirt under the caption 'Lazy day! Not dressing up today" but has her hair and makeup done." -Rochelle S.

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