15 Tips for Decorating a Nursery While Renting

15 tips for decorating a nursery while renting!15 tips for decorating a nursery while renting!We are gearing up for the arrival of Baby #3 at our house! This is the third nursery we are decorating in a rented home, so we've got some pretty great tips & tricks for still making baby's room cute when we can't paint the walls. Surprisingly enough, it's fairly easy to get around the "no paint" rules and still create a warm and inviting room for your little bundle. From wall decals and vibrant rugs, there are plenty of ways to add color to baby's room. Here are 15 awesome ideas for decorating a room for your little one…

Removable Wall Decals
Can't paint? Order some removable wall decals and cover the walls with a fun polka dot or a cute mural scene!

Gallery Wall
Using nails or adhesive strips, it's easy to create a cute gallery wall of art and photos for your babe to admire…

Painted Furniture
If you can't paint the walls, paint your furniture! A painted crib or dresser can make an awesome statement in baby's room!

Bold Window Treatments
Another great way to add a splash of color or design is to use bold, colorful curtains!

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Banners and Garlands
Banners and garlands are HUGE in nursery decor right now. It's such a cute way to add a little something extra to a neutral room!

Fun Accents
A bright chair or ottoman can be the perfect accent for a neutral-toned room!

Big Chalkboards
Hang a big chalkboard on the wall to give dimension and a splash of color! (Plus, it'll be a fun art wall for when baby gets bigger!)

Cute Storage
Instead of storing everything away in the closet, let your storage be visible! This cute basket storage unit adds so much to this sweet room.

Bold Rugs
Another great way to add pattern and color to your baby's nursery is with a fun, bold rug!

Use What You Have
Here is a great example of using your own stuff to decorate - dresses hung on the wall, art displayed, and baskets of toys…

Removable Wallpaper
If you have the budget, there are some great removable wallpaper options out there. Even covering just one wall is a cute alternative to paint!

Colorful Crib Bedding
Instead of plain white sheets, give baby a colorful place to rest his head!

Big Art
Incorporating big art in your little one's room can make a huge difference, and does an excellent job of covering those plain white walls!

Book Displays
Instead of shoving books into a basket, put them on display! A cute set of bookends or a neat wall shelf can add a lot to a room!

Washi Tape
Create a fun scene or pattern using Washi tape! (Talk about an inexpensive way to decorate!)

- By Lacy Stroessner

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