2 Crafty Ways to Use Old CDs

If you've wondered what to do with dinosaur media items such as cassette tapes, CDs, floppy disks, or scratched vinyl, let these crafty bloggers help you upgrade them to the 21st century.

CD Disco BallsDisc-o Balls
Still got a heap of those software freebies that inundated your mailbox last decade? When chopped up and glued to Styrofoam craft balls, discarded discs make for glimmering décor that will add dazzle to any display. (Affix loops of string to create lovely tree ornaments for the holiday season.)

Get the tutorial from Popcorn on the Stove.

CD Jewel Case VotivesHidden Jewels
The only thing cluttering up your home office more than out-of-date CDs are the plastic they come in. But that's not the, um, case when you use the jewels to create ethereal votive holders. All it takes are some glue, printouts or pictures that will look nice when backlit, and a glass-jar or battery-powered candle.

Get the tutorial from Make Grow Gather.

- By Amy Roberts

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