3 Ways to Incorporate Natural Landscaping

Don't have a green thumb-or the time-for exotic flower beds and perfectly tended gardens. See how this landscape architect incorporates the surrounding into his designs.

1. A grassy ramp connects different areas of the garden at a 26-acre Hamptons estate.

How do you make a landscape look natural?
You can usually make a few bold changes to a garden that are actually very subtle to the eye but help to tie a landscape together. Also, I think it's a mistake to fight the natural plant palette-or the regulations that might exist at a site-so you should never do anything that's too radical.

2. Wisteria clambers up a pergola in Water Mill, creating a shady retreat. The rough stone walls contrast with a series of bluestone slabs set simply into the grass.

How do you create a low maintenance garden?
By first explaining that "low maintenance" is a relative term, and that most any garden will require some degree of maintenance. One helpful solution is to limit the plant palette to several key plants that can be used in different ways throughout a property.

3. A sharp change in grade is made navigable by irregular stone steps floating in a lawn.

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