4 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Shine

Photo: ThinkstockBy Robin Romm

Eliminate Eyesores
Amy Azzarito, author of Past & Present, replaced drab closet handles with a pair shaped like Nepalese goddesses and improved an ugly light-fixture cord by stringing it with beads.

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Photo: ThinkstockUse Your Unused Spaces
When Abbey Hendrickson (author of You Are Awesome: 21 Crafts to Make You Happy) bought her home, she was stumped by a tiny room with a woodstove. But installing a bench and books turned it into "the library."

Photo: ThinkstockDelight All Your Senses
Design isn't solely visual. Consider the feel of your rug, the texture of your throw pillows, the logistics of making a room quieter. And don't forget -- burn a candle that smells like a campfire.

Photo: ThinkstockMind the Details
Small touches can transform a space--like a vase of flowers, beautiful pens on your desk or an artful display of your jewelry (Azzarito hangs hers on the wall). A rule of thumb? "Buy only things you want around forever," says Hendrickson. "Buy only what you love."

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