5 Creative Workspaces for Kids

Want your kids to get their homework done? Create a workspace they'll love. From modern built-in desks, to vintage desk areas, we have got you covered. We have found the absolute best kids desk workspaces around! You will be Oohing & Ahhing over these creative workspaces for kids. Check out our top 5 picks:

Whimsical White Workspace with ShelvesWhimsical White Workspace with Shelves1. Whimsical White Workspace with Shelving
Wow, what a space! The built-in desk and shelving unit would be great for storage and could really set the space apart as your child's "home office" of sorts. And the pops of color on the shelves really jump out against the stark white.

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Wallpapered WorkspaceWallpapered Workspace2. Wallpapered Workspace

Try a wallpapered accent wall where the desk area is. This will help to set the workspace apart from the rest of the room and allow for greater concentration.

Near the Window WorkspaceNear the Window Workspace3. Near the Window Workspace

The bright primary colors in this workspace would stimulate the brain and encourage focus and we're loving loving that the desk is near the window!

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Painted Pastel WorkspacePainted Pastel Workspace4. Painted Pastel Workspace

Don't fret if you can't find a desk or matching chair in your child's favorite color. You could always paint a plain or refurbished desk and chair that perfect color. Also, try adding washi tape around the desk area for a cheap and easy accent to match the desk.

Glass Desk WorkspaceGlass Desk Workspace5. Glass Desk Workspace

Try building a glass desk! The transparency will give you a ton of freedom to do whatever you like with the rest of the space. We like how this design includes equally nondescript white shelves, which make the brightly colored chair and accessories really pop.

- By Rachelle Wilde
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