5 Finishing Touches to Make Your Home Feel like an Irish Cottage

Make your home feel more like this Irish cottageMake your home feel more like this Irish cottageIt's always fun to decorate your home in honor of upcoming holidays, and all that green in honor of St. Patrick's Day is fun and cheerful. I started to wonder what a traditional Irish home looks like, for those of us who might maybe take our holiday decorating a little too seriously. And what I found was absolutely gorgeous and inspiring. Here are 5 items to help you achieve that romantic, windswept look in your kitchen.

Get this look in your kitchenGet this look in your kitchen

Farmhouse TableFarmhouse Table1. Farmhouse Table
Where do families eat in traditional Irish kitchens? At a sturdy wooden farmhouse kitchen table. I love how the unfinished wood looks.
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China Hutch China Hutch 2. China Hutch
It's pricey, but this hutch would be a piece you could pass on to all your red-headed Irish grandchildren. It's traditionally for china, but you could use it to display and store whatever you want.
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Cast-Iron Skillet Cast-Iron Skillet 3. Cast-Iron Skillet
Even if you can't afford a big piece of furniture, you can create a similar, kitchen-y mood by buying a few of these cast-iron skillets and hanging them on your kitchen wall! It's country-kitchen chic, and really, there's nothing like cooking on cast-iron
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Stainless Steel Tea Kettle Stainless Steel Tea Kettle 4. Stainless Steel Tea Kettle
Ireland drinks more tea than any other nation. I just love the traditional shape of this tea kettle. It would fit right into any Irish kitchen - and yours, too!
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Irish Tapestry Irish Tapestry 5. Irish Tapestry
Who says only pictures go on the wall? This traditional-looking tapestry is a captivating wall hanging that works in any room. I'd put it in a dining room or bedroom.
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- By Natalie Holbrook
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