5 Cool Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator and Freezer

5 frigid-cool ways to organize your refrigerator and freezer5 frigid-cool ways to organize your refrigerator and freezerAre you buying groceries, but still finding it hard to use all of them? It might have something to do with your refrigerator and freezer organization. Without smart storge, it's easy to lose track of quickly expiring perishables, available ingredients, and what you're about to run out of. Here are 5 cool (ha!) ways to organize your refrigerator and freezer.

Fridge Baskets Fridge Baskets
1. Fridge Baskets
Plastic baskets are an inexpensive purchase and easy to clean. You can use them to sort food groups within the refrigerator.

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Food Labels Food Labels
2. Food Labels
I love these free downloadable freezer labels! They make it easy to keep track of which foods should be used first!
Get these labels

Pre-Made Snacks Pre-Made Snacks
3. Pre-Made Snacks
Make sure food gets eaten in a timely manner by prepackaging it into grab and go snack pouches!

Freezer Meal Library Freezer Meal Library
4. Freezer Meal Library
Make meals ahead of time. label them, and store them in flat zipper baggies to save space. Oh how I long for a stocked freezer like this!

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Freezer InventoryFreezer Inventory
5. Freezer Inventory
Have an deep freezer and can't keep track of what's inside? Write it on the outside with dry erase marker.
Get the tutorial

- By Ashley Hackshaw

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