The 5 Most Romantic Houses in the World

If home is where the heart is, these 5 charming houses must be filled to the brim: they've held the hearts of some of the most legendary lovers in history. Though each house differs greatly-in era, in location, and in detailing-they each held a special place for their owners, either as a romantic love nest or as a memorial of a once-great love. Check out these grand palaces of affection, many of which can be visited today. -Sara O'Brien

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The Old House
1. The Old House, Quincy, Massachusetts

John and Abigail Adams

Long before there was This Old House, there was The Old House, the private home of the second United States president, John Adams, and wife, Abigail Adams. Well known for their intense love and mutual admiration-preserved in dozens of thoughtful and effusive letters-the couple often lived apart as John served in various political and diplomatic posts. It wasn't until 1801, when John left the presidency, that the lovebirds were able to reunite permanently. The setting was this house.

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The Casa Estudio
2. The Casa Estudio, Mexico City, Mexico

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

The passionate relationship between these creative mavens was colored with drama and infidelity. Yet in spite of-or maybe as a result of-their intense affair, Kahlo and Rivera produced many famous paintings in their Mexico City home, itself a work of art.

The 1931 Bauhaus-style structure was considered an early example of functionalist architecture. The building was actually two houses created by architect Juan O'Gorman-one red for Rivera, and one blue for Kahlo-connected by a bridge between the two roofs. Both houses also contained the artists' studios. Today the home is a museum dedicated to the couple's lives and artwork.

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Casa di Giulietta
3. Casa di Giulietta, Verona, Italy

Romeo and Juliet

In fair Verona, here lies 23 Via Capello, a mecca for romantics and Shakespeare lovers alike. Though the tale of Romeo and Juliet may be fictional, the most famous love story of all time lives on through this house, once owned by the del Capello family, thought to be the model for the Capulets. It even has a balcony just like the one where Juliet famously cried out to her dear Romeo.

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Casa Guidi
4. Casa Guidi, Florence, Italy

Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

How much did these two Romantic poets love each other? Let us count the ways. Robert Browning first contacted Elizabeth Barrett as a fan. He admired her poetry and wrote to tell her so. Soon they were introduced, and in 1846, Elizabeth and Robert married in secret and stole away to Florence. In a letter to her sister, Elizabeth affectionately comments on the rooms inside their love nest, Casa Giudi, "three of which are magnificent and the others excellent…to say nothing of our terraces."

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Balmoral Castle
5. Balmoral Castle, Balmoral, Scotland

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

As Queen, she was his superior. But the love between Victoria and her Saxon prince-husband was so great that she fought to make him her "king-consort," though her advisors kept her from doing so. Their loving, admirable partnership was brief, as marriages go-just 21 years from 1840 to 1861. But it produced nine children-and one of the most splendid vacation homes in the United Kingdom.

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