5 Mother's Day Gifts for Mom to Use Around the House

Household gifts?! Oh, you should have!Household gifts?! Oh, you should have!As far as I'm concerned, household gadgets and cleaning gear have a unfair reputation for being bad gifts. What's important in a Mother's Day gift is both the intent and the message the present imparts. Does the tool you've chosen say "Get in the kitchen and make me some pancakes, woman!"… or "I love and respect you, and this practical yet beautiful thing seemed like something you might enjoy?"

It's easier to get excited over household tools when they go beyond everyday practicality and add a little bit of style and luxury to everyday tasks. So if you're thinking of getting an important mother in your life a useful object this Mother's Day, consider looking beyond work-a-day functionality and choose something a bit more special, like these 7 household items.

Cast Iron CookwareCast Iron Cookware1. Cast Iron Cookware
Everybody loves cast iron cookware, but for some reason it's the kind of thing I never think to buy myself. Which is exactly why I'd like to get one of these babies this Sunday.
Get this cast-iron Dutch oven

BlenderBlender2. Blender
This KitchenAid blender looks so pretty, that it's more of a work of art than just an appliance. And it's durable, powerful, and versatile -- totally gift-worthy.
Get this blender

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CoffeepotCoffeepot3. Coffeepot
A sleek, stainless-steel hotel-style coffeepot injects style into every pour. I don't even drink coffee, and I still want one.
Get this coffeemaker

Kitchen GlovesKitchen Gloves4. Kitchen Gloves
These adorable, handmade, vintage-style gloves add whimsy, style, and a sense of humor to any task. Heck, I'd wear 'em just for fun. I'd even love a matching apron
Get these gloves

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Household CleansersHousehold Cleansers5. Household Cleansers
Household cleansers can be gifts when they're packaged so beautifully and smell so lovely that using them is a treat, like the whole line of Caldrea products. By all means wrap them up and present them with pride. And while you're at it? Offer to break them in by cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.
Get this countertop cleaner

- Meagan Francis

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